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color coding your infant children

Spring 2015 Ace Scholarship Call for Applications


Who is eligible?

  • Any ace or grace in any form of school or training in Spring 2015

What is the scholarship?

  • $500 (USD) to use towards tuition and/or books

How do I apply?

  • Fill out this application form, including an essay saying what you are learning/want to learn and why.

I have more questions!

Good, click this Read More to find out the details.

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Saw these socks in a really awesome dollarstore today

Saw these socks in a really awesome dollarstore today

Didn’t have cake @ my house so my friend and i made mug brownies instead :.゚٩(๑˘ω˘๑)۶:.。

Didn’t have cake @ my house so my friend and i made mug brownies instead :.゚٩(๑˘ω˘๑)۶:.。

I successfully pulled the “Smooth move Ex-Lax” quip on my mom

Can someone direct me to some free text-to-speech/ screen reading software? I have a lot of reading to be doing and having some tech would be hella helpful


7 racially coded phrases we need to stop saying about Black people

There’s no reason why everyday social interactions or even important policy discussions need to be derailed by the perpetuation of racist tropes. By consciously examining and unpacking what’s really being said when there’s talk about black people, everyone can help ensure the discussion remains as respectful and productive as possible. 

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So, i read this awful article using bathroom “scare tactics,” which was claiming that trans women are potential rapists. “Men” who dress as women to gain access to women only spaces and force them self on women. This really upset me and i had a bit of a Twitter rant. They were read by others and i was urged to post them in other media also, so i am posting them here. (Edited together in easy reading format from top to bottom.)

This is the link in the first tweet about how there are no cases of a trans woman attacking a cis woman in public restrooms: Link 1.

This is the link in the second tweet about the cases where trans people are assaulted in the bathroom by cis people: Link 2.


creativity like “yo”,

attention span like “no”.

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I pretty much have two options for my birthday.

first is go to a fashion meet to meet some interesting people, but someone I don’t want to talk to is also going to be there…


i can stay home and eat.